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Write SEO friendly post

Write SEO friendly post- Best tips and tricks you should know

Write SEO friendly post best tips and tricks

Write SEO friendly post: It has been long time I didnt write/update any my tutsroom site for my blog readers! But you dont need to be worry from now. I was little bit busy with my study and from now I am going to start write post in tutsroom.

Okay guys some days ago one of my friend told me how can he write good SEO post. He was facing to writing seo post. Write SEO friendly post is not difficult. Its very easy if you follow some rules. If anyone want to rank his website in first place of google he must should follow write SEO friendly post.

So, may be you people are already guess today which thing I am going to share. Yeah guys I am going to share some tips how can you write SEO friendly post for your blog site.

Here is the tips you should follow-

Write SEO friendly post

Write SEO friendly post

write SEO friendly post tips:

  1. When you are going to write a post first off all choose a keyword which will dominate the post.
  2. You have to put your keyword before your post title. you can put your keyword into anywhere of your post title but it’s a good practice to keep it on first.
  3. You must not use any stop word in your title. What is stop word please Google it.
  4. In permalink or slug- check as it contain your keyword without any stop word. It’s very very much important of a post. Your permalink or slug word should not be more than 4/5 words.
  5. In the post you must use a title first which should be an H1 tag and surly the keyword will placed on first as well.
  6. Then you will go to write your post but, here is another important thing you should check on eye that, you must keep your keyword first of your paragraph!
  7. In the paragraph you of course keep a H2 tag, and some H3 tag. Remember that, You will use H1 and H2 tag for only once. But others tag you can use many times you want.
  8. Its very important to use your keyword several times in your post. And the most important thing is that you must keep your keyword in some tags but not more then 3 times in tags.
  9. You must use some appropriate picture for post. In the picture you need to do some work too. When you are uploading a picture you need to use your title which is your keyword. and you have to write it in a format like this-
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Suppose your keyword is “Best Bangla blog lists” then when you are going to upload a picture make it title like this – best+bangla+blog+lists or best-bangla-blog-lists.

and you need to use this as a alternate text too. You can write your caption as you want but its a good practice if you use your keyword in caption too.

  1. Try linking your older posts URL in your post.

This is some basic idea how can you write your post appropriately. If your keyword density is going high you should remove one by one. You can check your keyword density by using yoast plugin. In meta description of yoast try to keep your keyword first.

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