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Top torrent site lists
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Top torrent site lists you should know- Bangladesh

Top torrent site lists in Bangladesh

Top torrent site lists: We, who are movie, drama addict use torrent for downloading movies and dramas. Torrent is the best option to download anything with free of cost.

Top torrent site lists

Top torrent site lists

Torrent site means it is a platform where people share file and you can download the file wherever you are. Though it is not legal, Many people says it is one kind of piracy but who can not purchase then what can he/she do? So, People looking for good torrent to download files.

Today In this quick article I am going to share some top torrent site lists specially for Bangladeshi people. If you are staying in Bangladesh then you can use this sites. Even you can also use them if you are outside of Bangladesh. For some days I have created a best lists of top torrent site lists you should follow. I hope this lists will remove your stress to download your desired file.

Okay, lets introduce top torrent site lists.

Here is a List of Bangla Torrent Sites:

Top torrent site lists:

1. (Invite Only)

This is one of the great torrent site in Bangladesh. It has lots of file like movies and dramas. If you want to use this torrent site you need to get a invite then you will access this site. This is very favourite for torrent user.

May be this is the largest torrent site in Bangladesh. Most of the people of Bangladesh who are actually like movie use crazyHD torrent site. They have also largest facebook group. You also need to get invitation if you want use this torrent. Dont worry, just go their official facebook page of crazyHD and post there to invite you. You will get invitation from other users.

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You have to create a account here. Another thing you have to remember you must seed their files. Otherwise your download will be slow. I recommend everyone to use CrazyHD. ( Premium Accounts Only )

This is another great torrent site. You can also this site for downloading anything. They have also great community and huge number of movies or dramas.

This is also good. Many people love this site for their simple downloading option. I also recommend everyone to use this torrent site.

This is another great site for torrent use. I also use this torrent site to download movies. They have also some great tutorials which is premium but from here you can download all the things with free of cost.

If you are really a great torrent lover then go for this site. You must love this torrent.

This torrent site is also good. They have also good content. You also follow this torrent site to download anything.


I use this torrent site and I love the site. You should go their to see the magic.


They have great collection of movies. If you are looking for new release movies and want to download then go there and see they upload always new movies. You must love this site if you are a move lover.


This is the last in my list. This is also good torrent site.

Some more torrent site you can look-

Hope this article helps you to get correct torrent site. If you like this article then share this with others. Thanks for reading and subscribe to tutsroom to get next update.

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