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Top best ten most popular apps

Top best ten most popular apps using by USA

Top best ten most popular apps you should know

Top best ten most popular apps: Hi folks how is going on? Do you know between smartphones and tablets, in USA people spend more than half of their digital media consumption time – 57 percent in apps according reports.

Actually not only in USA, besides this country, people also using many kinds of apps around the world. When you are going to start a business you need to know which apps people most using now a days.  If are going to searching which apps using most around the world, specially in USA you will discover something amazing. You also maybe using most of these apps. In fact, many people around the world using these apps.

I am also using these apps in my smartphone. So, guys you maybe already know what I am going to share today. I have research and found lots of op best ten most popular apps using by USA and I would like to share with you.

First of all take a look the picture below-

Top best ten most popular apps

Top best ten most popular apps


This is the latest updates and this report. Now I am going to share what most best 10 apps in USA people are using now a days-

Before starting the article you can take a look this report-

Top best ten most popular apps

Top best ten most popular apps

Top best ten most popular apps:


This is a chat application, it is now under facebook. To using this app you dont need to set mobile network just you nedd a WiFi connection. This app hugely popular around the world and specially in USA. Who have a business can try this chat application.

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Probably this is the second application now a days around the world. In USA Facebook is so popular. People are using Facebook for many purposes. In Facebook you will get kinds of features. For running a business, promote your business or anything something like that can use Facebook.


It is also a chat application and dont be confused with Facebook. This is actually another Facebook apps. People who are using Facebook must use this app for communicate with Facebook friends. It is also very popular in the world. You can get this app from google playstore.


Now this is trending. If you want to follow many celebrities can use this app. This is also very much popular in USA. You can share your moments by sharing photo here. The number of using this app is growing day by day. This is also a Facebook app.


This awesome app took the heart of people already. In USA people this app mostly for its simplicity and it is really awesome. You can capture your moment and share it in Snapchat. It is a great app to building a relationship between others.

UC Browser

In USA people are using this browser most. You may why? I will say why not? This browser contain lots of features that will attract you most. You will found UC Browser is faster for not only browsing but for downloading and watching videos. It can sync data, has good pop-up blocking and sucks up less battery power than Chrome. Thats why it is so popular.

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Do you want to travel? According to some reports, Uber is the most popular in USA. By using this apps you can call a rider to go your destination with fair cost. It is really popular and they also provided their service in many countries now a days.


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site around the world. In USA people search anything like video in YouTube. YouTube is the great application for anything. You can make money, can share your memorable videos in YouTube.


It is a file sharing apps and it is very much popular in USA. There is lots of apps for file sharing but this is most popular because it is fast and you can share any kind of by using this app.

Google Map

So you can say why people using this? Well, this is great app for know the traffic jam. By using Google map you also find the distance of place from your place and also can know the road direction. In USA people use this app most.


There is some more great apps in USA, people are using. This apps make life very easier. I hope you already know the value of these apps. All the apps are mostly free of cost.

I hope this article will help you to find the right app for your business or communication with others. If you like this article can share it with others.

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