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Top best jQuery plugin

Top best jQuery plugin for web designers

Top best jQuery plugin lists you should know

Top best jQuery plugin: Hello guys, how is going on? I have written about SEO and some WordPress tips before. Hope those all articles has helped you most. Now a days, front end developers want to integrate best jQuery plugin for their project. There is lots of jQuery plugin available and surly most of them are free. Sometimes designers face problem to choose right jQuery plugin.

Today I am going to write top best jQuery plugin which can be awesome for your design project. I have listed them already. You can use them to make your project more beautiful.

Top best jQuery plugin

Top best jQuery plugin

In this article you are going to know most useful and handy jQuery plugin so that you don’t have to search for the appropriate one while working in a project.

So, lets start-

Top best jQuery plugin:


Owl Carousel: A fantastic carousel plugin you can use in your responsive projects. Most of the web designers use owl carousel for its simplicity and for responsiveness.

CSS3 Animations & Transitions

Transit: CSS3 Transition and Animation Library


TouchSwipe: A jQuery plugin for touch and gesture-based interaction
Drag: A jquery special event plugin that makes the task of adding complex drag interactions, to any element.
jQuery Hotkeys: jQuery Hotkeys is a plug-in that lets you easily add and remove handlers for keyboard events anywhere in your code supporting almost any key combination.

Filtering & Sorting

Filter: A fantastic grid layout library with smart sorting 🙂
MixItUp: An amazing library for different types of sorting and filtering. You will love it for sure!

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Form Validation

Parsley: Javascript form validation, without actually writing a single line of JavaScript.

Image Processing, Canvas & SVG

BlurJS: A jQuery plugin that produces psuedo-transparent blurred elements over other elements
TiltShift: Obtain Tiltshift/Mniature effect using this cool jQuery Plugin.


Isotope: A complete layout library
Masonry: Layout library for Masonry grids
Mason: jQuery Masonry grid with a very useful feature – columns with equal height
Freewall: Amazing grid engine!

Lazy Loading

Echo.Js: Simple JavaScript image lazy loading

Media Players

jPlayer: The jQuery HTML5 Audio / Video Library

Scrolling and Parallax

Scrollorama: The jQuery plugin for doing cool scrolly stuff
Setller.js: Parallax has bener been so easier


Responsive JS: A tiny responsive slider plugin with some cool features, in 1KB only
Sequence JS: The Slider Reimagined for the Modern Web, comes with fantastic CSS3 transitions and parallux.
Orbit: Another beautiful slider plugin from Zurb
Superslider: A fullscreen, hardware accelerated slider for jQuery

Sound & Audio

Ion.Sound: Nifty jQuery library to play sound on events

Images, Galleries & Photos

TwentyTwenty – Before & After Differences: TwentyTwenty is a image difference tool which shows you the difference between two images visually
Adipoli: Adipoli is a simple jQuery plugin used to bring stylish image hover effects
BackStretch: a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element
Taggd: Taggd is a jQuery plugin that help you create tags on images with, or without a popup!
jGallery: Beautiful jQuery photo gallery with albums and preloader
LightGallery new: JQuery lightGallery is a lightweight jQuery lightbox gallery for displaying image and video in a gallery

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Lightboxes & Modals

Magnific Popup: Magnific Popup is a responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that is focused on performance and providing best experience for user with any device
PrettyPhoto: PrettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also support for videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax. It’s a full blown media lightbox.


Responsive Menu

FlexiNav: A Device-Agnostic Approach to Complex Site Navigation.
SlimMenu: Another multilevel responsive menu
SlideBars: Slidebars is a jQuery plugin for quickly and easily implementing mobile app-style revealing menus and sidebars into your website.
MMenu new: A jQuery plugin for creating slick, app look-alike sliding menus for you mobile website with only one line of javascript


NanoScroller.js: nanoScroller.js is a jQuery plugin that offers a simplistic way of implementing Mac OS X Lion-styled scrollbars for your website.
NiceScroll: Nicescroll is a jquery plugin, for nice scrollbars with a very similar ios/mobile style.



TableCloth.js: Tablecloth.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you easily style HTML tables along with some simple customizations.
EditTable new: Adds editing capability in your table elements

UI Elements – Toolbar

Toolbar.js: A jQuery plugin that creates tooltip style toolbars


Tabulous.js: A fantastic jQuery plugin to help you create tabs, easily
NanoTabs: That’s right – beautiful tabs in a nano sized plugin.


There is also lots more jQuery plugin. But these are very useful and web designers use them most of the time. I will add more and will update continuously this list if I found more important plugins to use in your project.

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