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Simple Blog Section Design Tutorial in HTML

Simple blog section design in HTML for beginners

Simple blog section design: Hello folks, whats up? This is my first article of tutsroom. Tutsoom is a blog site where you can learn programming and know how can you make money in Online.

I am not a professional blogger. I am also a learner. So I decided to share my learning experience with others. Thats why I started to writing blog.

However, I will try to write some special tutorial in this blog. But today I am going to share something new only for front end designer.

Now a days every website has blog section. Every Website owners want to keep blog section in their website. Blog section designing is dependent on the designer but today I will show a new blog section design, which is easy to make.

So here is the tutorial of simple blog section design in HTML-

Simple blog section design:

  1. First of all make a folder and keep necessary file in the folder like- index.html/style.css

You can make a quickstart pack. This pack will contain the all important file which is need for designing. Here I make one you can download to use.

Download Quickstart Pack.

In this file I added bootstrap framework, font-awesome icon pack, responsive css file.

  1. Here is the HTML code of the design-


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After writing HTML, you need to write CSS-

Here it is-


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You are done actually. Here is the file has been attached, you can also download it and can open in your code editor to see the code.

Download source file

Hope you can use this code in your project.

If you face any kind of problem to understand the code feel free to comment below.

Thanks a lot for reading this article.

Article written by:

Mehedi Hasan

This is Mehedi Hasan from Bangladesh. I have completed my computer engineering degree from a reputed university, Bangladesh. Currently I am working in a software firm as a WordPress developer.

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