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Learn programming best websites list you should follow

Learn programming best websites for programmers

Learn programming best websites: Hello programmers how are you all? Yesterday one of my friend said me that, which website is best for learn programing. I gave him some great website lists to practice and follow them. But, Then I think its my responsibility to share those website lists with others.

Many people want to learn programming. Any one can learn programming if they want. Just you need a proper guide line and proper uses of time. Programming is easy programming is fun!

Basically coding can be tough for a beginner. But don’t panic! If you really want to learn it then you have to understand the concept of computer science. You have to spare time more and more with coding. Many of us give up at the starting of programming but it is not actually that.

Learn programming best websites

Learn programming best websites

I have written before about best top education sites. You can also check it, Here is the link-

Best top sites online education lists you should know

In this article I am going to write about learn programming best websites you should bookmark. Lets start-

Learn programming best websites:


If you really want to learn what is programming and want to build your career in programming then probably this site is the best for you. Codecademy is the most popular website for learning programming. If you browse this website you can join the community and you can join any course you want. It have courses about APIs, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, web fundamentals, or combine languages.

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This is another great website for learning code. They have some awesome features that will attract all the learners. You can learn any programming language from here.


Do you want to learn PHP? Then this site is the bible for you. They have lots of video and articles about php including any other language. The articles and videos is so easy to understand. This would be the great place to learn programming in a proper way.


I am going to introduce a website which brings millions of students from around the world to learn many things. You will get many kind of courses here including programming. This website is really helpful for all kind of learners. I recommend everyone to visit this site and learn from it.


If you are a pyhton or java lover then this site for you. It is the best website to learn programming with a little bit of programming knowledge. You can also learn other languages from here.


Do you looking for world best tutorials to learn programming? Coursera brings the worlds best courses for the programming learners. The great features of this site is that it has avaiable in five languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese. All the courses of this site is performed by many great professors of top class universities.

The CodePlayer

Are you want to learn programming from the scratch? Then this site will help you to learn coding from the beginning of programming basic. If you can learn code from here you can also be a course co-ordinator here.

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It is very famous and people love this site a lot fro their simple lectures of coding. It is online open course for all. It has many category of courses. You will get any high programming lectures here. It is very important for every programmer to bookmark this website.


It has some cool and awesome resources for learning code. They will teach you in a interactive way. You will get uby, HTML/CSS, iOS, and JavaScript courses here.


This is another top website for learning programming. Here you will get some great videos of programming, some awesome quiz. In the forum section you also get any kind of problem solution from here. It would be very easier if you started to learn coding from here.


If you find any other website great besides this to learn coding can comment below. I must including them with your reference.

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