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Google Adsense best tips- Step by step tutorial

Google Adsense best tips you should know

Google Adsense best tips: I have written many article about Google Adsense before in this blog. May be you people have gotten the right guideline already. But many people, who are following this blog already emailed me to write more about google Adsense and tell me to share about google Adsense best tips. Actually they want to know how can they get Google Adsense easily.

Well, In this article I am going to share Google Adsense best tips- step by step tutorial. Hope this article will help you before applying for a Google Adsense.

If you are a new blogger or want Google Adsense then this article for you. Read carefully and go for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense best tips


Google Adsense tips- Before apply:

  1. Choose a domain with .com/.net/.org. Dont use free CMS offer as like or blogspot. Google Adsense has no longer support them.
  2. Choose a great hosting plan. You can try it from bluehost. To host a WordPress website, bluehost is the best.
  3. Make a website or blog, full responsive and install it correctly.
  4. Now ready to write blog post every day.

Google Adsense tips- Blog post, tags, and pages:

  1. Every blog post should have h1/h2/h3/h4 tags.
  2. In every post should use your keyword several times into the post. Ex: In this post I choose “google Adsense tips” as a keyword and see I use this several time already. This is great practice for SEO.
  3. Post some appropriate image for any post. And remember, use alt text in image. This is very much important.
  4. Link others blog post in your post. It brings visitors.
  5. Dont copy paste others post.
  6. Must make some pages- About page, sitemap page, contact page.
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Google Adsense tips- SEO:

  1. After publishing 10/12 posts, you should submit your site to the search engine. How can you do this can read this article- WordPress best sitemap plugin
  2. Create backlinks and ping your site.
  3. Do some better SEO for your site.
  4. Do offpage and onpage SEO.
  5. Comment in other website article about your website and write guest article.

Google adsense tips- Apply:

  1. It is my personal suggestion to apply google Adsense make at least 50 unique posts for your blog.
  2. Make at least 400/500 visitors in your blog.
  3. Now you can go for apply- Google Adsense.
  4. Just you need a mail ID and you have to just sign up here.


Final Words:

Thats it. After applying for Google Adsense you should keep writing your blog post. Dont forget, you should not use any copy posts. If you do that then you will not get Google Adsense. I hope if you do this tasks properly can get Google Adsense easily.

If you have any kind of query about Google Adsense then please message me or comment below. I will help you about Google Adsense.

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I will write some more about Google Adsense next.

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Mehedi Hasan

This is Mehedi Hasan from Bangladesh. I have completed my computer engineering degree from a reputed university, Bangladesh. Currently I am working in a software firm as a WordPress developer.

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