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Free website visitor- top lists to increase traffic (part-one)

Free website visitor- sharing site lists

Free website visitor: I already have written about how can you start a blog and how can you increase traffic. There is lots of way to increase traffic.

You have to be passionate about your blogging career just. Otherwise you will not success.

In this free website visitor article you are going to know how can you increase website traffic from video sharing site and from social media.

Free website visitor

website visitor

You can get lots of visitor by publishing video in video sharing site or by commenting there. Now a days this is very easy to increase traffic by using social media and video sharing site.

Lets see the list-

Free website visitor:

Free website visitor- Video sharing sites

Free website visitor- Social Media Sites


Free website visitor – Web 2.0 Sites Lists:

PR 9:


PR 7:

PR 6:

PR 5:

PR 4:


Final Words:

This is an step by step series. I will write more about it. In this article, Please follow all the website and try to comment there as you can. It will very much helpful to bring traffic into your blog. Every SEO experts should follow this.

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I will write some more idea how can you increase website traffic next.

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