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Facebook messenger offline problem solution

Facebook messenger offline tricks

Facebook messenger offline: Now a days Facebook is the great communication way. People are using Facebook because of its simplicity. Day by day it also improving.

If you have a Facebook account then you must know about Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger is a service, by using this you can chat, communicate, share with your Facebook friends as well as others who are not in your Facebook friend list.

Who are using messenger for chatting, they know Facebook now dont allow to make your chat offline. Means you can not off your chat line. When you log in to Facebook, everyone will see you that you are in online.

But it is sometime very uncomfortable to the users. Someone can want that, if he could use Facebook but no one can notice that he is on online. This functionality were provide by Facebook but at this present time they remove it.

So, what can you do?

There is also a way how to appear offline on Facebook messenger.

Today I am going to share a cool tricks how can you appear offline on Facebook messenger. Just follow the steps I written below.

Facebook messenger offline problem solution:

First of all you need to log in your Facebook account from computer. Then follow this steps-

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the gear icon on the Chat panel.
  3. Click Turn Off Chat.
  4. Select Turn off chat for all contacts.
  5. Click Okay.

Some pictures has given below, see and try-

Picture One:

Facebook messenger offline

Facebook messenger offline

Picture two:

Facebook messenger offline

Facebook messenger offline

Picture three:

Facebook messenger offline

Facebook messenger offline

Now go to your messenger and see the picture step by step below:

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Facebook messenger offline:

Step 1: If your are in now your messenger then tap “People” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


Step 2: Tap “Active.”


Step 3: Tap the green switch to turn off chat and appear inactive. You can tap the button again to turn chat back on.

Here is the picture view


And this-


After doing this restart your device. You will see that you are no longer active in Facebook. Your friend are not able to see if you are in Facebook.

Hope this tips help you. If you face any problem though then comment below. Thanks a lot for reading this article. Subscribe to tutsroom to get the next update.

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Mehedi Hasan

This is Mehedi Hasan from Bangladesh. I have completed my computer engineering degree from a reputed university, Bangladesh. Currently I am working in a software firm as a WordPress developer.

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