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Best free CDN Services for WordPress user

Best free CDN Services you should know

Best free CDN Services: Hello everyone, welcome again after a long long time. I was little bit ill that’s why I could not post any article in tutsroom. Now I am okay and I must try to write article everyday.

Today I am here with very important topics. There is lots of WordPress user we know. WordPress is very popular and easy to customize.

If you are serious about your blogging career then you must create a blog site through which people will recognize you. So if you are going to create a blog, you have to keep on mind that you have to maintain your blog properly, you have to make sure that your blog doing well in its every category.

The most important thing of a WordPress blog is that loading speed. If your blog site is load very slowly you must lose lots of visitors. Visitors has not enough patience to visit slow website actually. So, you have to make your website fast to fix this kind of problem and to do this you may do many kind of optimization for your website. But, most of the WordPress user dont use CDN for their website.  CDN is the best thing for optimize a website.

If you are using CDN for your website you website page loading speed will increase.

What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

 CDN concept is very simple. This is a network of multiple servers. Those are located various places around the world.

It caches all the static content of your site like the images and CSS-JavaScript files and stores on its servers.

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So when a person visits your site, the static content will be delivered to them through the server that is closest to them. So I think you are already know about CDN and the necessity of CDN for running a website. But most of the users dont know best free CDN services, they confused which is good for their blog.

Today I am going to share some best free CDN services you should try.

Best free CDN Services:

Best free CDN services

Best free CDN services


Probably this is the best free CDN service and its totally free. It is really best for WordPress user. The data centers are located all across the world to serve you the content at blazing fast speed.

To use their service you just need to create a free account there and you have to add your blog URL  and once CloudFlare checks your websites, it will provide you with custom nameservers and you just have to point your domains to that nameservers and you are done! This is the best for many reason. If you use their service your site will be fast.

Photon by Jetpack:

If you are a WordPress user then you know about Jetpack plugin. This is plugin with lots of features which is very much popular to the WordPress user. In Jetpack there is many features and one of them is called Photon CDN.

This Photon feature is not like the other CDN services for WordPress, but if your blog contains lots and lots of images, then it would be a great help to activate this feature.

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Photon is a content delivery network that loads images on your blog through the powerful servers.

To activate Photon, you just need to install Jetpack plugin on your blog and then activate the Photon feature from your site dashboard.


This is another great one for best free CDN service. If you are truly looking for great CDN service you can try this. There service is really good. Though they are new but their service is really nice. They offers a free plan with 250GB of free transfer.

I recommend most of the WordPress user to use this CDN service. They are available in around 196 countries worldwide.


I am going to share another great CDN service you should try. Are you want to hosting your JavaScript file? Then you can use this service. They are hosting JavaScript files. In WordPress blog, basically it has many JavaScript file. So if you are a WordPress user can try this service.

Most important use of jsDelivr is when you use some custom JavaScript code on your site, and you have to host it. If that’s the case, you need to use the service and also install the free WordPress plugin on your blog.

Coral CDN:

This is the last in this list. This is the best peer to peer based content delivery network from a project of MIT. Their service is also free of cost.

The way Coral CDN works, according to their WordPress plugin is by serving the static content through their servers by appending ‘’ to the URL.’

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Final Words:

I hope you people now know about best free CDN services. You can try and check them and use one of them. If you have face any kind of problem can comment below.

I will write about paid best free CDN service in the next. Thanks a lot for staying with tutsroom and dont forget to share this article with others.

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Mehedi Hasan

This is Mehedi Hasan from Bangladesh. I have completed my computer engineering degree from a reputed university, Bangladesh. Currently I am working in a software firm as a WordPress developer.

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